Saturday, 7 July 2018


Today business is running like treadmill in term of workflow, process, responsibility and annual turnover.
Changing technology, language and requirement of the organization are eating all IT employees head. Pressure is on the peak which needs to be fulfilled if you want to justify your performance.
It is rightly said, justifying your designation is like eating hot Dumplings, due to official routine mental status is really in shivering stage as the contrast of Technology, User- System, rising cost, Team Alliance, Social Awareness and Data Security really makes a difference.
After analyzing every concern seriously, I would like to address each category in detail-
Roller Coaster Technology-
New Technologies are knocking IT industry like a speedy wave, thousands of IT manager are facing the same concern to adopt the changes happening in technology with a strong base of understanding by making a beneficial plan which ends up building the organization with productive results.
Adapt User Behavior-
It is most vital to be aware of the user choice and work on the same so that every customer should recognize the brand.
Due to layout, credibility, and features desktop has been replaced by smartphones and tablets. It has become mandatory for the IT manager to create a Mobile Application with all the responsive feature and layout that will serve comfort to the end user.
Rising Cost-
An organization always look forward to an opportunity where the investment is low, but the results are high.
It is mandatory for IT manager to work on the focused activities that will generate revenue to the company and cut the edges of all the eliminated functions by doing full-proof research.
Team Alliance-
Team alignment is as important as key to a lock. IT manager is responsible to create a full-fledged team by making the best out of them.IT manager is a screw to fit all the nuts in the right position where they can show their effort more aggressively. Team management and focus on every individual is the key accountability on IT manager as any bug in the technical team would be lost for the whole organization.
Being Social-
Being social is the trendiest hashtag of 2018, as of whether it is an individual, a family, an MNC corporation, a politician or a start-up company. Everybody is using social roads like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to participate in the various conversation and bringing difference accordingly. High-jump of IT managers in those conversations is mandatory as they’ll notice some of the negative facts on marketing, customer service and technical update and will focus on those issues to raise the brand in the market.

Data security directly propagate IT manager-
An IT manager needs to keep a check on high-end information which need to be secured. Any leakage in data-flow will be blame to an IT manager and they must suffer due to that. Data security works like a Job security to them.
Key Responsibilities of an IT manager are getting rougher along with the movement of the clock. They need to prepare themselves for every up and down in the graph of organization, whether it is related to changing technology, achieving a stretch goal, commanding the productive team or responding to critical situation all these are the hot moves that every IT manager must play in the right situation and at right time to gain revenue and marketing awareness by giving check-mate to other competitors.
So, be ready guys as your appraisal depends upon your every single move.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Why few quotes are high !!!!

Most often the companies will try to compare quotes when they're trying to purchase for their company if the purchasing is bulk, this will help them to get cost effective and get a best price with in their budget.

But few times there will be difference between vendor to vendor quotes because of following reasons.
  • Grey products, most products are available in grey market which are similar to original. Even it is challenging to companies to identify the fake product, the best solution is try to check warranty terms in product site with product serial no or service tag.
  • Shelf products, which are already in stock with vendor and they're trying to clear it with low price, this may be having old dates and you may loose some warranty period , please check manufacturing date. Specially with Apple products, the warranty starts when we connect to Internet and get that product register.
  • Few of them wanted to get offer from client for first time to get on board in to clients systems, but not sure about after sales support. 
  • After sales support : Even all commercial IT equipment will have different warranty terms, the vendors will help you get those fixed at the earliest than the anticipated time, please check with your vendor whether they can have this facility. 
  • Few OEMs don't have on site support, for that the equipment or device may need to be carried out to nearest service centre to get that replace/repair, so please check service before you purchase and also ask your vendor, whether they can help you. Specially in India Apple don't have on site support unless they do have some corporate agreement. 
  •  Presently most OEMs have a facility to lock the deal, So who ever is the authorised partner for that OEM will lock your deal with OEM and pricing. so that other partners may not get price, which will avoid competition among same product. In this case even the company will support vendor and client. 
  • In few situations few goods will be imported from overseas in different manner where they will avoid taxes, which will help them to rate low prices, please check for that.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Headset for Lync and Skype for business

Best and cost effective headset for Lync and Skype for Business.

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Social Media & Content Marketing Associate

Social Media & Content Marketing Associate- Position 1

DS Technocrats needs a qualified interns as Social Media & Content Marketing Associate. Candidate is required to have good knowledge of social media, content marketing, and online promotions.

Candidates is expected to handle all social media (Facebook, Twitter handle, Google+ etc) for activities like promotions, inviting people, create buzz, answering posts or queries. Also, expected to keep our ecommerce site. Decide and run offers for customers. Come up with creative ideas.


    Handle social media across social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others
    Put relevant contents on social media pages
    Run promotions across
    Invite people to like social media pages
    Like, Answer user posts, queries accordingly
    Send congratulatory, festival, offer messages to customer
    Social media strategizing, brainstorming, implementation, and execution duties

Bonus Skills:

    Facebook addiction
    love watching YouTube
    loving working when music on
    Essentially what other companies said don’t do, we love what you do.
    Google Analytics
    Email marketing
    Google AdWords knowledge

Female candidate with knowledge of IT industry will be added plus, but it’s not a blocker for right candidate.

Job Type: Strictly no 9 to 5.

Local candidates only:

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Plantronics headset for call centers

Plantronics headsets are widely used in all call center environments, due to their sound quality and they are widely supported by different devices and different environments.

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